Margaret River Tennis Club


Game. Set. Match. for Streamline Tennis Coaching


Simon Cockburn has been the Margaret River Tennis Coach for the past 9 years.  Taking the children of the Margaret River region, through their paces on the court, coaching around 70 kids for each of the two school terms, in all, 140 kids every Summer tennis season.  

Simon also Introduced the much loved Fit-Bit Cardio Tennis to the men and women of the Club.  A Saturday morning of furious footwork and racquet skills combined into a cardio session.    He supported and trained up several local junior/players (at least 10) to assist coach providing them with a great opportunity to become coaches themselves.

So many balls!  Over this time over 100 low-pressure tennis balls were used by the Juniors in the Red, Orange and Green group sessions each summer, well over 1,000 balls in 9 years, just for the little ones!  The estimate for the balls used for Adult and older Juniors is beyond counting!   

Simon encouraged all participants to register for the free Hot Shots t-shirts, as the kids would wear and inadvertently advertise tennis around town!   In some years 40 kids would register for these tennis shirts!  At minimum that was 180 kids walking around with Tennis Australia shirts on.   

Streamline Coaching, Simon and Emily Cockburn with a sigh have decided to take on new challenges.  The Margaret River Tennis Club is grateful for their success in working as the MRTC Club Coach and wish them all the best.

Oh they'll still be on court as members, while Emily is still with us as Club Administrator ... so it's not completely goodbye!


Simon on court | Gordon Becker Photography | Men's Pennants